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Welcome to Control Focus

Control Focus specializes in industrial automation and electrical systems. The company has continuously demonstrated the ability to achieve extraordinary results. We are committed to finding solutions for our clients, no matter how complex the project.

What We Do

Factory automation, instrumentation, and electrical services -- nothing is out of range of our expertise, which makes us one of the top industrial electrical firms in Dunedin. From explosion rated rooms and refrigeration controls, to tank level sensing and factory process systems -- try us on!

Featured Projects

Ravensdown, New Plymouth - New Blending Plant and Dispatch

Mercury Energy, New Zealand - 1957 Ford Fairlane Electric Conversion

Ravensdown, New Plymouth - New Intake System

Cadburys - Condensate Reclaim System

Blueskin Nurserys- 10kw solar system

Ravensdown, Hornby - New Sulphur Store

Ravensdown, Hornby - Sackett Tower

Turners and Growers, Ettrick - New Coolstore