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Batteries and Battery Management

Control Focus with our partner company EV-lution supplies both off the shelf and custom built battery solutions.

CFL are suppliers of the highest quality lithium batteries in New Zealand.

Batteries for Buildings

Don't let power outages stop you from using your devices, we can help find and/or build a battery solution to keep you going. Whether you are going off-grid or just want to have power during outages we can help find the right solution for you.

Batteries for Cars

If you need a replacement battery pack for your electric car or are converting your car to electric (we can help convert cars as well) we will find and/or build a solution for you.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

Most Nissan Leafs coming into NZ are secondhand, and already have some battery degradation. We have been doing a lot of replacements lately. If you feel your Nissan Leaf is no longer getting you as far as you want come and talk with us about replacing the battery pack. We can even upgrade your car to have a battery pack with better capacity than a normal Leaf.

Custom Battery Solutions

Have a project that requires a lot of power and need a battery solution. Give us a call and see if we can help you.