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Control Focus with our partner company EV-lution designs, installs, and services solar installations.

Including other alternative energies (wind, hydro, etc) we will help find a solution to help you lower your energy bills.

Home Solar

Be more self-sufficient and lower your energy bills. Whether your house is new or old most people can benefit from solar. Off-grid or on-grid, battery or no battery, and how many panels you need; we will talk with you to find the right solution. Give us a call today to see if solar is right for you.

Business Solar

Whether you are a farm, a store, or a factory; the rising costs of energy is a concern for most businesses. Keeps those energy costs down and take out a little bit of uncertainness with the energy sector by upgrading your business with solar.  

How we can help you.

  • Competitive Prices

  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Solutions

  • Battery Solutions

  • Design and Site Consultation

  • Alternative Energies (Wind and Hydro)

  • Solar Maintenance/Servicing


Competitive Prices

We have some of the best prices in town. Solar prices are always changing; we try our best to keep the prices as low as we can.

Design and Site Consultation

We will work with you to find and design the solution you need. Finding the right spot and angle to put them at, on-grid or off-grid, or even adding in alternative solutions such as wind and hydro when possible.

safety upgrades


Whether you just want to get away from power companies or are just building in a remote place, our off-grid solutions have helped many people.


Sell your excess power back to the grid. Selling the excess power during the day helps to lower your power bills even more.

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Battery and Battery Management

Batteries arn't just for off-grid solutions. Putting one on your solar install means you will have power even during a power cut. You can even be checky and charge from the the grid if your power company gives free hours of power. Whether it is a off the shelf battery solution or we build a custom one we will find the right one for you.

solar again

Solar Maintenance/Servicing

Is your solar no longer performing to what it once was? Did someone else install it badly. We can come and have a look at what might be wrong, and find a solution to fix it.

Alternative Energies

Sometimes solar isn't enough. There is always a chance for wind or hydro being possible. This will greatly depend on location.

Some of Our Solar Projects in the News

Solomons Islands Hydrid Wind-Solar

A hydrid wind-solar system to replace their diesel generator. Control Focus worked with Powerhouse to provide a solution to this remote location.

Wind Turbine Charges Electric-Powered Car

Hagen from EV-lution (partner company to ControlFocus) charges his electric cars with a wind turbine out in Waitati. The little green Rav they converted in the article lives mostly in Dunedin now, used by the staff at Control Focus and EV-lution.

Waitati School

A great project to reduced the power costs at Waitati

Clam Plant in Dunedin

A central Dunedin business is invested in solar power to future-proof itself against rising electricity costs.

Solar at Blueskin Nurseries

A great install we did back in 2014 at Blueskin Nurseries. Up to 50kW possible (sun permitting) these Solar panels are still going well today as I write this in 2022.

Solar Keeping Work Site Going

A house build in a remote place, the solar here kept their tools running.