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Electric Vehicles

Control Focus with our partner company EV-lution converts cars to electric and does electric verhicle battery replacement.

Electric Vehicle Conversions

We supply all parts needed to convert your car to electric. We have years of experiance converting cars to electric, and even a boat.

Charging Stations

We supply all parts needed to install charging stations. Whether it is a custom solution charging with wind on a farm, or on the main grid we have years of experience installing charging stations.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

Most Nissan Leafs coming into NZ are secondhand, and already have some battery degradation. We have been doing a lot of battery replacements lately for them. If you feel your Nissan Leaf is no longer getting you as far as you want come and talk with us about replacing the battery pack. We can even upgrade your car to have a battery pack with better capacity than a normal Leaf.

Battery Replacements

Batteries don't last forever, if you feel you need a replacement battery for your electric car give us a call. We have done a bunch of replacements over the years including many custom solutions and upgrades.

Some of Our Electric Vechicle Projects in the News

Blueskin Nurseries Charging Station

One of our first installed charging stations back in 2014, it is still going strong today out at Blueskin Nurseries. Charge up while enjoying a tea or coffee at the cafe or shopping for plants.

Electric Evie Stars in Commercial

A car you have most likely seen in a commercial. This is a converted 1957 Ford Fairlane.

Wind Turbine Charges Electric-Powered Car

Hagen from EV-lution (partner company to ControlFocus) charges his electric cars with a wind turbine out in Waitati. The little green Rav they converted in the article lives mostly in Dunedin now, used by the staff at Control Focus and EV-lution.

Showing Faith in Conversions

A great article that lists a bunch of cars James and Hargen have converted over the years. For the little green Rav4 to the Mercury Evie.